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Brochure on candidate’s Facebook mentions need new bike lanes (accessed 4 Oct 2018).

From Winnipeg Votes 2018 (CBC) accessed 18 Oct 2018:

Q: “Will you work with other wards/municipalities to help improve active transportation links across the city?” “In the future, more and more of those relationships are happening. I think you have to do it in a step by step. First of all, through a needs assessment … and then take steps to partner with that community to say what can be done, how can we make this happen…. I think it’s important each community and different ward is starting to see the need for improved relations.”

Q: “What can be done to improve transit service in the area?”   “Transit is complicated. Transcona keeps getting bigger and bigger. And because it’s getting bigger and bigger, communities start to grow and you need to have transit systems which can support different needs in the community.… To have an effective system you need to have a safe system.… There will definitely have to be some attention paid to not only making a service available, but available and safe to use.”

The candidate did not complete the 2018 all-candidate environmental survey: A coalition of Winnipeg Environmental Organizations compiled questions for an all-candidate (Mayoral and Councilor) survey with questions relating to the environment, including AT.

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