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To help Council Candidates and Voters better understand cycling policy and infrastructure project priorities, Bike Winnipeg has put together a number of policy and infrastructure recommendations that we hope can be moved forward in the next term of council.

Local Priorities for Walking and Biking

 St. Vital Bridge Rehabilitation Recommendations

 St. George Neighbourhood Greenway

 Enfield/St. Jean Baptiste/Youville Neighbourhood Greenway

The Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway would provide Winnipeg with a low stress north/south bike route through the neighbourhoods of Glenwood, Norwood East, Central St. Boniface, and North St. Boniface. Major destinations that would be provided with a connection into the bike network by the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway include:

  • College Louis Riel
  • Notre Dame Recreational Centre
  • Ecole Provencher
  • Bertrand Arena
  • Ecole Henri Bergeron
  • Heather Curling Club
  • Safeway (indirect via Braemar St)
  • Glenwood School (indirect via Blenheim Ave)
  • Glenwood Community Club (indirect via Harrowby Ave)

In the absence of cycling facilities along St. Anne’s Rd or Des Meurons St, the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway can act as an alternative north/south route.

The route is almost as direct as Des Meurons (riders on this route should experience less than a minute or two in extra riding time as compared with the Des Meurons route.), and can’t be beaten for its aesthetics.

The Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St-Jean-Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway will provide Winnipeg with a much needed low stress bike route through neighbourhoods in St. Boniface and St. Vital along some of the city’s most scenic streets.

The 2017 Southeast Corridor study produced a recommended design for the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway, but there is currently no funding in place to follow through with implementation of the recommended design.

Requested Candidate Commitments

  • Commit to funding full implementation the recommended designs of the Southeast Corridor Study for a Neighbourhood Greenway along Egerton St, Youville St, Enfield Cr, and St. Jean Baptiste St.

More Information

Southeast Corridor Study (City of Winnipeg)

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