Nancy Cooke – St. Norbert-Seine River 2018

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No specific statements or platform concerning cycling and active transportation appear on the candidate’s website (accessed 25 Sept 2018). There is a platform statement regarding improving access to public transit.

From Vote Winnipeg 2018 (Winnipeg Free Press) accessed 2 Oct 2018:

Q: “What is your position on reopening Portage and Main to pedestrians?” This issue is now on the ballot and up to the people of Winnipeg who take the time to vote in the election. I hope the plebiscite will increase voter participation — many of the people I have met have strong opinions about it and want to be heard.”

Q: “What should Winnipeg’s plan be for the future of public and active transit?” Answer not provided.

From Winnipeg Votes (CBC) accessed 18 Oct 2018:

Q: “How would you improve public transit service for people in the St. Norbert-Seine River ward?” “I’ve been out at bus stops every day, Monday to Friday, since July 2, talking to transit users in order to understand what’s working in the system and where some of the challenges are. And what I’ll do is I’ll bring forward that input and work with the city and city officials and transit officials and council, obviously, to bring forward a safe, accessible reliable transit plan for the city.”

The candidate did not complete the 2018 all-candidate environmental survey: A coalition of Winnipeg Environmental Organizations compiled questions for an all-candidate (Mayoral and Councilor) survey with questions relating to the environment, including AT.