Jeff Palmer – Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry 2018

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Twitter: @PortableJPalmer

Quotes from Candidate’s website related to cycling and active transportation (accessed October 10, 2018):

  • “Our City has benefitted from many recent strategic investments…we are replacing our infrastructure at a rapid rate. We need to ensure that these investments in our infrastructure reflect the way we want to live in the future – by making sure cycling, walking and transit facilities are safe and comfortable…”  
  • “We need to encourage active transportation initiatives that make our city as pedestrian and cycling-friendly as possible.”We need to make sure that all infrastructure is accessible to those with mobility issues or other impairments.  This includes making a modest investment in opening Portage and Main to pedestrian traffic. Portage and Main needs to serve the needs of our city for the next forty years, not continue to function as it has in the past.

From Vote Winnipeg 2018 (Winnipeg Free Press) accessed 2 Oct 2018:

Q: “What should Winnipeg’s plan be for the future of public and active transit?”

A: “Public and active transit need to be a priority. It is key to our own personal health and the health of our environment. That is partly why I support opening Portage and Main – we need to put the needs of downtown pedestrians first. Good public and active transit also improves the liveability of our neighbourhoods. We must ensure that all new infrastructure projects properly incorporate public and active transit facilities in their construction, and that new neighbourhoods are designed and built that promote public and active transit usage.”

Q: “What is your position on reopening Portage and Main to pedestrians?”

A: “I believe that it should be opened, but will respect the results of the plebiscite.”

The candidate completed the 2018 all-candidate environmental survey: A coalition of Winnipeg Environmental Organizations compiled questions for an all-candidate (Mayoral and Councilor) survey with questions relating to the environment, including AT.