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Safe Position on the Road

Excellent video that illustrates the safety concerns of cyclists using the road, and how the bicyclist’s position on the roadway can dramatically increase or decrease the most common crash types. Designed for training traffic police officers. Law Enforcement: Understanding Cyclists’ Position on the Roadway from CyclingSavvy on Vimeo.

One metre safe passing amendment

MLA Dave Gaudreau is introducing a private members’ bill for second reading today in the legislature to define safe passing distance as one metre when passing a bicycle. Bike Winnipeg sent him the following letter of support.  You can support him by sending email to stnorbert1@yourmanitoba.ca explaining why safe passing distance is important to you. Bike Winnipeg strongly supports your private member’s bill that would

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Buffer zone for cyclists mulled

by Bruce Owen Winnipeg Free Press Published April 25, 2013 Province may require motorists to move over The province is looking at amending its traffic laws to specify how much space motorists must give cyclists when passing them on the street. Bike Winnipeg says the Highway Traffic Act is too vague and drivers should give cyclists at least one metre or pass them using

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Cyclists, cars, and cops don’t mix

By Gordon Sinclair Jr. From the Winnipeg Free Press published April 20, 2013 The cautionary tale of Cyril and Moe I suppose you could call this a cautionary tale. But it’s more than that. You might also call it an ugly example of the guerilla road war between motorists and cyclists that usually heats up with the spring weather. But it’s more than that,

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