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Empress St. Pathway Connections Backgrounder

A pathway along the east side of Empress Street will be built in 2019 as part of the Empress Street and Overpass Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project, extending from St. Matthews Avenue in the north south over the Empress Street Overpass to the North Assiniboine Parkway. Future plans call for the pathway to be extended north all the way to Saskatchewan Avenue, where it will

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Keewatin Street Underpass and Pathway Improvements Backgrounder

In 2018, an off-street pathway was built along Keewatin Street from Burrows Avenue to Inkster Boulevard. This pathway connects with existing off-street pathways on: Keewatin Street/Dr. Jose Rizal Way from Inkster Boulevard to Water Ridge Path, and Inkster Boulevard between Inksbrook Drive and Keewatin Street. In addition, the Keewatin Street Pathway connects to the bike lanes on Church Avenue, where a new traffic signal

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