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Wolseley/Westminster/Balmoral/Granite Bikeway Backgrounder

As part of the 2018 Pedestrian and Cycling Program Action Plan, the city awarded a contract for the Study and Design of the Wolseley to Downtown Corridor in June of 2018. This study will develop an all ages and abilities pedestrian and cycling  connection from the Wolseley neighbourhood to the Downtown. The resulting design will connect: to the Omand Park path at Raglan Road/Wolseley

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Ruby/Banning Neighbourhood Greenway Backgrounder

Ruby and Banning Streets have the potential to be an important part of the City of Winnipeg’s bicycle network, with direct, low stress access to a community centre, multiple commercial nodes and several schools in an area of the city that has been recognized as having a high potential to attract cyclists. In order to reach that potential, the city needs to improve the

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St. Matthews Ave Protected Bike Lanes Backgrounder

As a major east/west spine in the City of Winnipeg’s planned bike network, cycling facilities on St. Matthews Avenue will need to be designed for all ages and abilities. That’s why the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies have identified the need for protected bike lanes on St. Matthews Ave. Current cycling facilities along St. Matthews are limited to sharrows and narrow painted bike lanes, which

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Improve Connections to the U of W

With over 10,000 students, staff, and faculty, the University of Winnipeg’s Downtown Campus is one of the Downtown’s most important destinations. If we want to get more people biking more often, we will have to ensure that the U of W’s Downtown Campus is served by multiple low stress bikeways that are direct, convenient, and comfortable. With the high volume of trips coming into

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Empress St. Pathway Connections Backgrounder

A pathway along the east side of Empress Street will be built in 2019 as part of the Empress Street and Overpass Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project, extending from St. Matthews Avenue in the north south over the Empress Street Overpass to the North Assiniboine Parkway. Future plans call for the pathway to be extended north all the way to Saskatchewan Avenue, where it will

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Arlington Bridge Backgrounder

The Arlington Bridge is nearing the end of its life and must be replaced. A plan for replacement of the bridge and installation of protected bike lanes between McDermot Avenue and Selkirk Avenue has been developed over the last 4 years through an extensive public engagement process. The expected completion date for replacement of the bridge and associated work on Arlington would be 2023

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