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Winnipeg 2018 Election – Vote

Visit Bike Winnipeg’s information pages on mayor and council candidates’ position and platforms re active transportation, public transit, and Portage and Main, as well as AT issues and plans for the wards.  

Bike Winnipeg Supports Opening Portage & Main

At Bike Winnipeg, we believe that a vote to open Portage & Main is a vote towards the acceptance of alternative modes of transportation in our city. We believe it aligns with a shift from car-centric decision-making to a multi-modal approach to decision making, where walking, biking, transit, movement of goods, and driving a car are all considered. This shift in thinking is what

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Transcona Trail- Pandora Ave West Connection Backgrounder

The Trasncona Trail was one of the biggest projects included in the 2010 Federal Stimulus Fund Package. It runs 6.7km from the Perimeter Highway across the northern limit of Transcona before veering southwest to follow the CEMR rail line to Regent Ave, where it ends.The Transcona Trail Extension project will extend the Transcona Trail across Regent Avenue and westward to Panet Rd. Construction of

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Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway Backgrounder

The Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway would provide Winnipeg with a low stress north/south bike route through the neighbourhoods of Glenwood, Norwood East, Central St. Boniface, and North St. Boniface. Major destinations that would be provided with a connection into the bike network by the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway include: College Louis Riel Notre Dame Recreational Centre Ecole Provencher Bertrand Arena Ecole Henri

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Wolseley/Westminster/Balmoral/Granite Bikeway Backgrounder

As part of the 2018 Pedestrian and Cycling Program Action Plan, the city awarded a contract for the Study and Design of the Wolseley to Downtown Corridor in June of 2018. This study will develop an all ages and abilities pedestrian and cycling  connection from the Wolseley neighbourhood to the Downtown. The resulting design will connect: to the Omand Park path at Raglan Road/Wolseley

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Ruby/Banning Neighbourhood Greenway Backgrounder

Ruby and Banning Streets have the potential to be an important part of the City of Winnipeg’s bicycle network, with direct, low stress access to a community centre, multiple commercial nodes and several schools in an area of the city that has been recognized as having a high potential to attract cyclists. In order to reach that potential, the city needs to improve the

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St. Matthews Ave Protected Bike Lanes Backgrounder

As a major east/west spine in the City of Winnipeg’s planned bike network, cycling facilities on St. Matthews Avenue will need to be designed for all ages and abilities. That’s why the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies have identified the need for protected bike lanes on St. Matthews Ave. Current cycling facilities along St. Matthews are limited to sharrows and narrow painted bike lanes, which

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Lagimodiere Twin Bridges Through-Pass & Connections

A major rehabilitation of the Lagimodiere Twin Bridges (Concordia and CPR Keewatin) will provide the city with an opportunity to carry through on one of the crossing improvements identified in the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies[1]. A Through-Pass at the southern end of the Lagimodiere Twin Bridges would provide a connection between: West of Lagimodiere Molson/Panet Bike Lanes CPR Keewatin Rail with Trail (planned) Kimbeley/Concordia

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St. Vital Bridge Rehabilitation Project Backgrounder

Connecting the Churchill Pathway, the Hay St Neighbourhood Greenway, Kingston Row, the Dunkirk Pathway, and the Niakwa Pathway, the St. Vital Bridge over the Red River and the tunnels at its north and south ends are scheduled for a major rehabilitation in 2024 and 2025. Preliminary design for the rehabilitation work is scheduled for 2022, with detailed design scheduled for 2023. Included in the

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Osborne St Underpass Rehabilitation Backgrounder

The Osborne Street Underpass has to be one of the biggest barriers to cycling in the City of Winnipeg. People on bikes are squeezed up against a giant wall of concrete and forced to share a narrow, pot-holed roadway with a an endless stream of buses, trucks, and cars. The good news is that preliminary design work for a major rehabilitation of the Osborne

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