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Chevrier Buffered Bike Lanes

In 2018, buffered bike lanes will be built on Chevrier Boulevard from Waverley Street to Pembina Highway. This will also include construction of a multi-use path on the east side of Waverley Street from Chevrier Boulevard to McGillivray Boulevard.

The Chevrier Walk Bike Project will connect residents and businesses to the future Southwest Transitway Chevrier station and pathway. The western extent of the cycling route connection will tie into the McGillivray Boulevard multi-use path and into the Waverley Street path that extends north to Taylor Avenue. The eastern extent of the bike lanes will connect to the existing buffered bike lanes on Pembina Avenue from Chevrier Boulevard to Plaza Drive.

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  1. So an existing bike path ends at Scurfield and starts again at Chevrier. Well that is still completely crappy for cyclists/pedestrians that would like to avoid being on 80 km/h Waverley Street.
    But hey, as long as they’re adding a bike lane onto Chevrier that no one will ever use, good on ya!

    • The project was a reconstruction of Chevrier, so that left limited opportunities for work along Waverley. Getting safe cycling options available to connect to the rapid transit station on Chevrier was a priority for Bike Winnipeg, and allowed the city to leverage federal public transportation money. We will work to get the next segment of Waverley built as part of the Scurfield Avenue extension.

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