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Thank you

Thank you for supporting Bike Winnipeg

We will send you occasional newsletters with Winnipeg cycling news.

Our  Facebook page is updated as often as possible

If you have time to join us in any capacity, check out our volunteer page.

If you bought a membership for someone else, please send us that person’s name, email address and postal code to contact@bikewinnipeg.ca, and we will send them their membership card.  Please note that our system requires that every member have a different email address.


  1. Hi Mark, I’ve renewed my (Rowena Fisher) and Richard’s (Tilley) memberships for 2017. Aint technology wonderful.

    We never made it to a meeting but did spend several hours clearing the burdock mainly from the steep path from St. Johns park, hill south of the Redwood Bridge, and on the descent from Burrows down to towards the river (where abundant vegetation, a corner and careening bikes are a bad combination).

    Hope to see you in the new year, Rowena

    • Thanks Roweena, I benefitted from your work clearing the burdock many times this year. Thanks for renewing and for helping keep the city’s bike network ridable.

      • PayPal is the way to do a repeat subscription as it gives you a list of such, and when they’re due. Credit cards don’t.

  2. So pleased I can pay with credit card. Thank you for that and for making our city a great biking city.

  3. Thanks to ALL the bike advocates for making Winnipeg a safer and better place to cycle in

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