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  1. Why are we considering building a bridge to connect 2 paths where there are plenty of areas that do not even have a path. North Moray, lots of industrial workers, lots of pedestrian traffic with no side walks. Lots of bike traffic that have to contend with regular traffic, lots of cars and semi trucks. We have bike bath with stops short of the worst intersection in the area, Moray/Murray Park turnoff.

    Kenaston, between Sterling Lyon Parkway and McGillvary, there is no connecting the path way unless you use Fort Whyte Paths, which are only open during business hours. Not exactly convenient for bike commuters. Not many cyclists (myself included) do not like the idea of riding on the paved shoulder of Kenaston.

    To sum up what im saying, there are several locations in Winnipeg where bike/pedestrian paths are either incomplete or disconnected.l These areas don’t have the excuse of having a river between them

  2. It is about time something like this is done for the North End of the City. Even though there are several locations in Winnipeg where bike/pedestrian paths are “either incomplete or disconnected” at least those parts of the city have that! The North End’s pedestrians and cyclists options are very neglected.

    The bridge would improve my transportation options by having a half-way option between the Redwood Bridge and the Settlers’ Bridge. Also, the sidewalk on both these bridges are not wide enough to
    accommodate two-way cycle traffic. The pedestrians always have to yield to the cyclists if they don’t want to get injured. Maybe the answer to this really should be that when building bridges for cars the sidewalks should be made very wide to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians thereby alleviating the need for separate cycle/pedestrian bridges. However, since this wasn’t done here then this proposed bridge is a great idea. I’m all for it!

    The destinations that a pedestrian & bicycle bridge would open up for me is access to the Bronx Park, Kildonan Drive areas as well as the Gateway/Raleigh Greenway; Easier and safer access to Transcona, as well as businesses along Henderson Hwy.

  3. Great location to shorten the crossing distance for people on foot and on bike.
    It will make it alot easier for kids in the area to get to Kildonan Park.
    We need alot more pedestrian/Active Transportation bridges in Winnipeg.

    This is a great proposal. I hope to see a much larger push for more bridge crossing across Winnipeg Rivers. Thanks for the great initiative.

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