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Candidate’s website lists several accomplishments with respect to installing  pedestrian crossings and pedestrian/bike tunnel as part of Fermor bridge rehabilitation. Platform does not specifically refer to active transportation; has a number of statements re improving public and handi transit (Accessed 5 Oct 2018).

From Vote Winnipeg 2018 (Winnipeg Free Press) accessed 2 Oct 2018:

Q: “What should Winnipeg’s plan be for the future of public and active transit?”

A: “Future plans for Transit must include some provisions to help out St Marys and St Anne’s. The City had plans for a St Marys subway in the 1950’s, the Juba monorail in the 1970’s had a St Marys extension – but nothing substantial ever got done. I am pleased that Council has increased funds for Active Transportation. I would love to see a ped/ bike bridge across the Seine in north St Vital and/or a similar bridge across the Red.”

Q: “What is your position on reopening Portage and Main to pedestrians?”

A: “I will be voting “no”. Every bus that comes from downtown to my ward will be delayed and we have no plan in place to address this. I will consider myself bound, however, by the results of the citizen referendum on the issue.”