Tim Diack – Mayoralty Candidate 2018

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Website: diackformayor.ca
Email: tim@diackformayor.com
Facebook: facebook.com/diackformayor
Twitter: @diackformayor

Statements and platform related to cycling and transportation from the the candidate’s website:

DUAL USE RAIL LINES: Winnipeg has a traffic problem. Anyone, who has been caught in a bumper to bumper jam, knows this. There are very few areas of the city you can travel to in a relatively short period of time. During my years patrolling the streets, I have had the opportunity to see the city’s traffic veins from different perspectives. I would love to partner with CN or CP and make use of their railway infrastructure. Conversions could be made to have electrical buses shuttle commuters throughout the city. Some existing lines can be pulled to be used as bike paths or bus roads. These lines go throughout the city and to let them languish unused is a missed opportunity that I would hate to waste. We would be become more efficient, more safe and unclog the major arteries of the city.

BICYCLES AS TRANSPORTATION: This goes hand in hand with the above paragraph:, cyclists don’t feel safe on the streets of Winnipeg and drivers in turn don’t always appreciate having to circumnavigate cyclists. I used to cycle to work for years, before it became too hazardous. I would like to expand our bike routes using existing infrastructure to make better use of their placement.

Responses to the walk/bike related questions asked at the Mayoral Fast Pitch & Forum held at the U of W on Tuesday, September 18th.

Q7: Will you direct the Public Works Department to create a package of walking and cycling infrastructure priority projects worth more than $100 Million dollars and put it as a top priority for the next round of funding from the Investing in Canada Plan? No

Q9: ill you commit to completing the downtown protected bike lane network in your next term? Yes

Q10: Will you support full funding of the Active Transportation Network – Winter Maintenance Strategy, passed by council on June 21st, 2018, in the 2019 Budget? Yes

Q13: Would you support implementing a policy for the City of Winnipeg, similar to what has been implemented in Vancouver, that prioritizes walking, cycling, public transit and shared-vehicles over single occupant vehicles? No – After the forum Tim Diack tweeted that he had misunderstood this question and would not support this policy. (https://twitter.com/diackformayor/status/1042404887374508032)

From 11 Oct 2018 mayoral debate on CBC. Yes or No only response

Q1: “Should we put bike infrastructure on the back burner in our car city?” No

Q2: “After completing construction that has already started on the Southwest Transitway, should we scrap the rest of rapid transit?” Maybe

The candidate completed the 2018 all-candidate environmental survey: A coalition of Winnipeg Environmental Organizations compiled questions for an all-candidate (Mayoral and Councilor) survey with questions relating to the environment, including AT.