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Bike Winnipeg relies on support from cyclists and cycle-friendly organizations. Membership fees allow Bike Winnipeg to provide bike-friendly expertise in as many planning and promotional projects as possible.
We need to be consistently in the room with planners, councilors and designers when they are making decisions, to provide expert advice to make our roads safer for cyclists.
We do not receive government grants to support our advocacy work, nor are we eligible for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Membership Type:

If you are buying a membership for someone else, please send us that person’s name, email address and postal code, and we will send them their membership card.  Please note that our system requires that every member have a different email address.

Also, your donation will help us make Winnipeg more bike friendly:

If you don’t like paying online, download our Membership/Donation Form, and drop it in the mail.

Memberships expire December 31st each year.

Thanks for supporting Bike Winnipeg’s advocacy work, and please pass on the message to your cycling friends and colleagues.