McPhillips Greenway Takes First Steps

McPhillips Greenway

It was our great pleasure to speak before the City of Winnipeg’s Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee this morning in favour of Old Kildonan Councillor Devi Sharma’s motion to have the city look into the feasibility of a bicycle and pedestrian pathway along a Manitoba Hydro right of way just west of McPhillips Street. We received positive feedback from all members of the

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What winning candidates said

We interviewed as many candidates as we could before the Winnipeg election. The winners among them offered good ideas: Brian Bowman; “An equal priority for each mode of transportation” Jenny Gerbasi;  “It started on bike to work day when I got on a bike…  This is one of the issues I feel really passionate about…” Brian Mayes: “I think it’s time to focus on

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Many candidates agree with cyclists on needs

In a quick survey last week, Bike Winnipeg found that many Winnipeg civic candidates and cyclists agree that the City’s infrastructure should encourage cycling as a year-around alternative to travelling by car. The survey was distributed by e-mail to all candidates and to over 1,000 cyclists. 34 of 66 candidates responded, as did over 300 cyclists. The views of these candidates closely reflected the

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Polo Park Infrastructure Improvements – A Missed Opportunity

Raised cycle tracks could provide a true high quality bicycle arterial on St. Mathews

The second open house for the Polo Park Infrastructure Improvements project will take place in the Center Court of the Polo Park Shopping Centre on Thursday May 8th. A detailed design has been completed and a construction staging plan developed. Bike Winnipeg is concerned that the plans moving forward fail to address the vision being put forth in the pedestrian and cycling strategies –

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Is Your Winnipeg Bike Route Blocked?


Are you having difficulty cycling on the bike lanes and bike paths in Winnipeg because of poor snow clearing? Please send us pictures & descriptions of bike routes blocked by snow to or .  We need your input ASAP to show the City and the media the extent of the problem. Be sure to send a copy to Let’s get these maintenance

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One Metre Rule

The Public Utilities Board has recommended Manitoba Public Insurance "reinforce" the message of a one-metre passing distance between motor vehicles and cyclists

January2, 2014 By Bruce Owen Winnipeg Free Press MPI told to reinforce message to drivers, cyclists It doesn’t feel like bicycling weather now, but in a few months, thousands of cyclists will take to Winnipeg streets and resume the annual jostling between bicycles and vehicles. In a recent decision, the Public Utilities Board recommended Manitoba Public Insurance “reinforce” the message of a one-metre passing

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MPI says it can’t lead road safety in Manitoba

In their final argument at the hearing on 2014 rates, MPI representatives told the PUB that MPI’s role in road safety is jurisdictionally “limited” to research and education. This is very different language from the “leadership” language on road safety MPI touts in their coporate vision statement: “MPI will lead driver and vehicle safety initiatives that reduce risk and protect Manitobans, their streets and

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Setting the Stage for the 2014 City of Winnipeg Budget

The City of Winnipeg 2014 Budget must prioritize rehabilitation of the Pembina Underpass to ensure that it is completed along with phase II of the southwest rapid transit corridor, and with proper AT connections

As we get closer to 2014, planning for the 2014 City of Winnipeg budget is well under way. Bike Winnipeg continues to advocate for an increased emphasis on cycling infrastructure and programming in the city’s capital and operational budgets, and hopes that our written submission to the 2014 City of Winnipeg budget consultation process will be taken to heart as the budgets are finalized

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Riding on federal coattails has to stop

Summer Cyclists in Winnipeg

Winnipeg cyclists, like Winnipeggers in general, can sometimes be too negative about their city. They feel Winnipeg is falling behind other parts of Canada, let alone other countries, in the worldwide movement to promote cycling and all forms of human-powered transportation. It turns out, however, we haven’t been waiting for the perfect conditions or government programs to start changing, as I found out when

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