Keewatin Street Underpass and Pathway Improvements Backgrounder

In 2018, an off-street pathway was built along Keewatin Street from Burrows Avenue to Inkster Boulevard. This pathway connects with existing off-street pathways on: Keewatin Street/Dr. Jose Rizal Way from Inkster Boulevard to Water Ridge Path, and Inkster Boulevard between Inksbrook Drive and Keewatin Street. In addition, the Keewatin Street Pathway connects to the bike lanes on Church Avenue, where a new traffic signal

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North Winnipeg Parkway Improvements Backgrounder

The North Winnipeg Parkway links Kildonan Park and the Chief Peguis Trail pathways to St; Juhn’s Park, beneath the Harry Lazarenko (Redwood) Bridge, through Michaëlle Jean Park to Rover and Annabella where it connects with the pathway along Waterfront Drive. Numerous sections of the existing pathway are substandard, especially between Michaëlle Jean Park and St. John’s Park, and should be upgraded. A $400,000 study

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Northwest Hydro Corridor Greenway Backgrounder

The Northwest Hydro Corridor Greenway will be constructed as a separated bicycle and pedestrians pathway along a hydro right of way running parallel to McPhillips Street from just north of the McPhilips Street Casino to the Seven Oaks Hospital and beyond. Te Northwest Hydro Corridor Greenway will eventually extend to the future Chief Peguis Trail and Precinct G, and ultimately north across the Perimeter Highway.

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Arlington Bridge Backgrounder

The Arlington Bridge is nearing the end of its life and must be replaced. A plan for replacement of the bridge and installation of protected bike lanes between McDermot Avenue and Selkirk Avenue has been developed over the last 4 years through an extensive public engagement process. The expected completion date for replacement of the bridge and associated work on Arlington would be 2023

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Supporting Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan

On Wednesday, September 12th, Bike Winnipeg was pleased to offer our support for the adoption of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan in a presentation before the city’s Executive Policy Committee. Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan Begins Process to Reduce GHG Emissions As a stakeholder in the Climate Action Plan development process, Bike Winnipeg is pleased to offer our support for adoption of the Winnipeg Climate Action

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Precinct G Plan Moving Toward Public Hearings

Precicnt G Draft Master Plan

Plans for the development of Precinct G along the city’s northern boundary are moving toward public hearings. On Tuesday, September 4th, the draft Master Plan for Precinct G came before the Standing Policy Committee on Property & Development, Heritage and Downtown Development. This begins a process that will see the plan move towards public hearings and possible council approval, allowing development to begin. What

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Probe Research - Road Maintenance and Safety Recommendations

Final part in three-part series recommends ways to move Winnipeg forward as a world-class, winter city with accessible, safe roads and bike paths for all WINNIPEG, August 29, 2018 – Today, CAA Manitoba and Bike Winnipeg release their list of recommendations to improve the community ahead of the civic election. The recommendations focus mainly on road maintenance, safety, usability and design, grew out of

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Whell Worries - Probe Poll

Part two of three-part series drills into the top safety concerns from both sides of the bike-car relationship. WINNIPEG, August 8, 2018 – Keeping a safe distance from one another is the top safety concern for cyclists and drivers alike, according to a Probe Research study conducted for CAA Manitoba and Bike Winnipeg. This, along with a host of other concerns, helps explain why

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CAA Bike Winnipeg Survey

First of three-part series focuses on Winnipeggers’ appetite to bike & obstacles preventing use to commute WINNIPEG, July 24, 2018 – CAA Manitoba and Bike Winnipeg have partnered on a survey, conducted by Probe Research, to delve deep into the problems and the potential regarding Winnipeggers cycling to get around town. The surprising results reveal that not only is cycling becoming more mainstream in

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