The current version of forums for this website

These forums are here to introduce BttF personnel to an alternative to email threads for general discussions. Topics should be added as freely as you would start an email thread.  Since the website is not yet public general board discussions should be okay here.

When this website goes public Forums will likely be for topics of interest to all cyclists and open for comment from the general public.

The forums

Progress notes for the website. What do you think the website needs? What do you have to contribute?

Topics here could be any of the things we might circulate as an email thread. Most likely there should be several distinct forums here.


… any other forums? One per committee?

About Forums

Forums are a powerful tool to facilitate discussion on topics of interest to small and large groups of people. Online newspapers are like forums. The Winnipeg Free Press (or a section of the Press) is like a forum. An article in the Press is like a topic and the replies that people leave are discussion on that topic. An email thread is also like a topic and the replies are the discussion.

Unlike email, there is a single copy of the topic and all the replies. If you are behind a few you can catch up by scrolling rather than having to open a series of email items. You don’t have to file them or throw them away. They are a matter of permanent record. No-one has to dredge up an email thread and pass it around again (as yet another email thread).

But they can be edited and unnecessary or inappropriate replies can be removed by a Forum Moderator. There is also a two hour window after you add something when you can edit (or delete) what you have posted. (As a matter of fact anyone can edit your text in that window which makes this is a place for people playing on the same team.)

Forum Etiquette

As with any meeting venue much depends on people knowing how to behave. Sometimes the hard work of the Forum Moderator is the only way to keep things under control. But a small group of like minded individuals may be fine on their own.

There are many points to consider here. One would be “stay on topic”. If you find yourself going off on a tangent consider starting a new topic. Other than that it’s mostly a matter of common courtesy.