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BWin YTD Inc/Exp For 2013-04-01 to 2014-03-31

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Income             C$47,117.49
Memberships         C$355.00    
Donations         C$449.35    
Interest Income         C$3.11    
Admin Fees         C$2,000.00    
Grants         C$6,500.00    
ACU Grants     C$4,500.00        
MEC Grants     C$2,000.00        
Fundraising         C$2,462.83    
Events Inc     C$2,310.33        
T-Shirts Inc     C$152.50        
Projects         C$2,350.00    
Bus Signage     C$2,350.00        
Bike to Work Day         C$20,000.00    
BTWD Grants     C$20,000.00        
Bike Valet         C$12,997.20    
BV Fees     C$12,365.00        
BV Misc/sales     C$37.50        
BV Donations     C$594.70        
Total Revenue             C$47,117.49
Expenses             C$58,391.68
ACU Expenses         C$117.95    
PayPal Fees         C$26.01    
Fees and Legal         C$180.00    
Staff contracts         C$11,788.50    
Professional development         C$352.81    
Education     C$352.81        
Advertising & promotion         C$2,680.46    
Graphic design     C$1,680.00        
Printing     C$287.22        
Website     C$243.88        
Depreciation (display trailer)     C$469.36        
Board expenses         C$433.70    
Consultants         C$870.81    
Fundraising         C$3,409.14    
Events Exp     C$2,372.14        
T-Shirts Exp     C$994.89        
Bike Shorts     C$42.11        
Projects         C$2,385.14    
Bus Signage     C$2,385.14        
Bike to Work Day         C$20,000.00    
Bike Valet Operations         C$16,147.16    
BV Personnel     C$11,209.72        
BV Administrator C$9,000.00            
BV Staff C$935.00            
BV Bonuses C$1,274.72            
BV Volunteer Support     C$345.56        
BV Operations & Supplies     C$1,042.00        
BV Storage     C$480.00        
BV Transportation     C$192.19        
BV Advertising & Website     C$198.00        
BV Insurance     C$942.60        
BV Depreciation     C$1,737.09        
Total Expenses             C$58,391.68
Net loss for Period             C$11,274.19