Bike Winnnipeg’s Ongoing Fight for Road Safety

Bike Winnipeg has been working on many fronts to ensure Manitoba drivers get the right information about how to maneuver near cyclists on the road. We are currently struggling to play a stronger role in the Public Utilities Board (PUB) review of MPI’s services and rates.  We are collaborating with the Consumers’ Association of Manitoba to bring up issues that are important not just

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New MPI Video Offers Motorists Advice on Sharing the Road with Cyclists

MPI has posted a new 60 second driver video that helps explain how motorists should behave in the presence of cyclists. It includes messaging to give at least one meter when passing cyclists, as well as messaging explaining this may require you to change the lane, something we see as a very positive step. As noted previously, this coincides with changes that MPI has

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Bike Winnipeg Welcomes Changes to Drivers Handbook

Bike Winnipeg is pleased that the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation has made changes to the Driver Handbook (see pages 72 to 75) to improve cyclist safety. In particular, we are pleased to see that the latest edition of the handbook includes clear instructions for motorists overtaking cyclists.               This is a great change, and we are very happy

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