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Bannantyne & McDermot bike lanes


McDermot Avenue and Bannatyne Avenue provide important east-west connections between Waterfront Drive and Sherbrook Street. This project will improve the existing painted bike lanes to protected lanes so that that they are comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.

Construction is expected to being in early summer of one-way protected bike lanes on both McDermot Avenue and Bannatyne Avenue between Waterfront Drive and Furby Street. The project also includes designing a connection to downtown using Ellen/Carlton Street and Hargrave Street. The recommended design includes one-way protected bike lanes on each of Ellen/Carlton Street and Hargrave Street.


  1. This is a terrible idea, it eliminates 1 lane for cars and 50% of the parking on these streets. All the loading zones for the business are gone? How do you expect people to load equipment across the street in the exchange district? How can the city justify this? When you weigh cars vs bike’s it’s pretty clear there are more cars on the road. I can hardly wait to see rush hour on these streets. Thanks for screwing up the exchange district! The bike lane the way it was was fine, how much is this costing the city? This city is so backwards in their thinking, and always crying for money. When i don’t have money I don’t remodel and neither should the city.

  2. Hey Mark… All the more power to you if you cycle in the winter. personally I love cycling but your not going to see me on any bike lane in the dead of winter. Parking in the exchange is always a challenge. Sorry pal, the bike lane it’s not worth 8 million! This city is over govern and over taxed. You could probably cut 1/2 of government and 1/2 of school superintendents and this city would be in much better shape!

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