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Bike Winnipeg Seeking Bike Valet Project Manager

Bike Valet Project Manager

Bike Winnipeg is seeking a motivated and energetic individual to fill the role of Bike Valet Project Manager.

The Manager is the leader of Bicycle Valet Winnipeg and the primary point of contact for event promoters, media, volunteers, and the public. The Manager is responsible for all aspects of the business, including drafting grant applications, recruiting and coordinating volunteers for events, and ensuring materials are delivered, set-up, torn-down, and returned safely to storage.

This is a contract position and compensation is based on revenue generated through contracts, grants, donations; net of expenses. Total revenue is expected to be in the range of $11,000 to $14,000 per year depending on the ability of the coordinator to market and sell the valet service.

Please send resumes to Kaye Grant (Kaye@bikewinnipeg.ca). Applications deadline is Midnight, Thursday May 4th, 2017.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating events;
  • Recruiting volunteers and managing volunteers;
  • Assigning volunteers to attend events, as necessary;
  • Assigning volunteers to attend events, as necessary;
  • Setting-up, attending, and tearing-down events;
  • Storing the Equipment
  • Maintaining the Equipment
  • Ensuring BVW Equipment is properly stored between events and otherwise maintained in good working order.
  • The Program Manager may, with permission of Bike Winnipeg, contract with any person for the purpose of performing all or part of his or her responsibilities under this Contract.
  • The Program Manager will establish a subsidized pricing policy to provide for reduced fees to at least five community events or organizations that would not otherwise be able to afford BVW services.
  • Preparing an annual budget of anticipated revenue and expenses;
  • Publicizing the service and marketing it to potential clients;
  • Communicating with media and developing partnerships with related organizations;
  • Negotiating, invoicing, and following up on collections from events and organizations that contract to receive BVW Services (the “Event Revenue”);
  • Generating revenue from donations, grants, etc. (collectively “Non-Event Revenue”);
  • Receiving and accounting for miscellaneous donations or tips made by individuals to BVW and reporting these amounts to BW;
  • Paying bills and expenses incurred for the purpose of providing BVW Services;
  • Provide information on the finances, assets and operations of BVW to Bike Winnipeg as requested;
  • Complete financial records incorporating all BVW income, expenses and assets;
  • Provide a monthly report to the Bike Winnipeg board and be available to attend to up to three monthly board meetings to report on the Bike Valet Winnipeg operations;
  • Attend the Bike Winnipeg Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) and provide a report of the past year’s activity that includes financial statement as of the AGM and a summary of BVW Services provided in the past year (the “Annual Report”);
  • Prepare a business plan and a budget that outlines the BVW Services projected to be provided in the next Term, includes an inventory of and assigns a value to the BVW Equipment, and identifies any changes to the BVW Resources (the “Business Plan”).


  • Experience and ability in volunteer recruitment, supervision, retainment, and management
  • Strong organizational and scheduling skills
  • Business acumen, business planning, marketing, sales and negotiation skills
  • Ability to update/modify website content (WordPress)
  • Good written and oral communications
  • Physical ability to lift up to 50lbs, (transporting and lifting)
  • Outgoing and reliable

Other Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license required
  • Bilingual (French) is an asset
  • Mechanical/bike repair skills an asset

Working Conditions:

  • The work of Bicycle Valet Winnipeg is primarily completed during the months of May – November and a flexible work schedule is required as many events occur on the weekend or in the evenings.
  • Transportation of the bike valet equipment is via a combination of truck and by bicycle trailer. Physical ability is required to bike the trailer.

Downloadable Job Description

About Bicycle Valet Winnipeg

Bicycle Valet Project Manager

Bicycle Valet Winnipeg provides a temporary bicycle parking facility that can be set up for events large and small. It is offered to event organizers who wish to provide supervised bike parking for their patrons. This can significantly reduce traffic and parking congestion and encourage Active Transportation use in Winnipeg.

There is no charge to cyclists for this service. Bicycles are stored in a supervised compound and need not be locked. Personal equipment such as helmets and backpacks can also be left with the bicycles. In fact we will also accept skateboards, strollers, chariot trailers, or any other Active Transportation equipment.

The convenience of this free service can bring in patrons who might otherwise be deterred by the expense and hassle of other forms of transportation. Having a safe place to park their “wheels” can make the difference between attending an event or staying home.

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